Don't Ruin Your Spray Tan, Read These Tips for a Perfect Look!

Spray tans have come a long way, and Norvell Spray Tans at SunSpot are one of the best ways to get the look you want in time for a special event. BUT if you have never had a spray tan before, basic mistakes can ruin an otherwise great look. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get the most of your spray tan and get that “WOW!” reaction.

  1. Before your spray tan, shower and exfoliate your skin. You should have a clean oil free canvas to work with.

  2. Shave your legs the night before, and not the day of, getting a spray tan. Shaving has been known to create streaks and splotches on your skin as the razor takes off a layer of skin. Give yourself at least 24 hrs after the tan before shaving again.

  3. Do not moisturize soon before or after as most moisturizers from discount stores or drug stores have mineral oil in them; if you must moisturize use only water based product.

  4. Wait at least 12hrs to shower… for your best results waiting 24hrs is highly recommended to obtain full color. When taking your first shower use a warm water rinse; alcohol and oils in the body wash will strip your color, pat yourself dry do NOT rub!

  5. Sun Spot recommends purchasing our Maintenance Kit.

  6. For the first few days avoid Chlorine (pools and hot tubs) as well as the ocean...this will strip your color and dry out your skin.

  7. Sunless color does not provide any UV protection whatsoever; make sure you still apply sunscreen while you are outdoors.

  8. Sun Spot recommends your first spray tan to be a 'practice' session; when trying something new there are always small imperfections. Spraying 7-10 prior to your event will ensure your final application is flawless. Your final application should be 2 days prior to your event.

  9. Application should be 2 days prior to your event for best color.

  10. Remember to avoid using products that have mineral oil and alcohol in them.

  11. We have a variety of Norvell products here to help maintain your sunless color.