Fool Proof Spray Tanning

We've all seen it. We all know someone who fell prey to it. Some of us have even experienced it ourselves.

The Cheap Spray Tan.

You can spot the orange, glowing skin from miles away. It sticks out like a traffic cone and warns you from going down that road.

But you still want a quick tan, so what do you do?

The answer is what you've been avoiding all along: professional spray tanning. Not at Snooki’s salon, but here – at Sun Spot.

Don’t let the spray tans gone wrong ruin it for you. Although there are those who take tanning into their own hands – and turn themselves a scary shade of orange – there is a proper way of achieving a tasteful spray tan.

Say goodbye to shades like, “carrot,” or “sweet potato.”

At Sun Spot, we use Norvell Sunless Spray Tanning products to provide a healthy, natural “fresh off the beach” glow. With our sunless spray tan products, you’ll not only get healthy skin treatment - you’ll feel as good as you look.  

Look Good, Feel Good.

Our state-of-the-art spray tan booths are designed to function like the personalized touch of a handheld spray tan session, leaving you with the same streak-free, natural glow but with the privacy of a booth.

We tan to look good and feel good. At Sun Spot, we want you to experience a little luxury so you can look and feel like the best you!

First Time Clients Can Get a Sunless Tan for Only $10!

First Time Clients Can Get a Sunless Tan for Only $10!