Let's Talk About Vitamin D

Sunlight is the body’s natural way to produce and regulate Vitamin D. During the summer, most of us are outdoors enough to get plenty of it, but as fall turns to winter the sun begins to disappear.

Vitamin D does several important things to keep our body functioning healthy. We need it to absorb calcium to build strong bones. It also helps regulate the immune system and neuromuscular system as well as cell growth.

This puts us in a predicament as the colder months roll in. We stop sunbathing outside once the leaves start changing, which means we stop getting the necessary amount of Vitamin D for our bodies to function properly.


Most doctors at this point recommend that you seek to meet your Vitamin D needs though diet and supplements. The only problem, however, is that Vitamin D is not found in most foods. Only fatty fish like salmon and cod have significant amounts of it and the Vitamin D found in milk is actually supplemented into it.

You can also turn to taking a multi-vitamin or Vitamin D supplements, but how much do you take?

It is difficult to truly get enough of Vitamin D from supplements when our bodies were made to naturally regulate it from sun exposure. Supplements can supply some of the necessary Vitamin D our bodies need, but it will not be as effective as exposing your skin to sunlight.

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