Treat Yo Self

Every year, Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec take a day to treat themselves to clothes, fragrances, massages – you name it.

They make time to unwind and enjoy their favorite things.  

It sounds like a simple task, but when is the last time you followed Tom and Donna’s advice to “treat yo self?”

When is the last time you truly slowed down, relaxed, and indulged? Every one needs a little pampering once in a while.

And I would do one better than Tom and Donna – why wait an entire year to treat yourself? You can only indulge so much in one day. Why not treat yourself every week to a little luxury?

That is exactly what we offer here at Sun Spot. A little luxury for you and your skin.

We provide a wide variety of spa services including waxing, facials, massage, and infrared body treatments, in addition to our UV tanning and sunless spray tanning.

Sun Spot is the perfect getaway, so leave your chores and to-do lists behind. We want you to look and feel incredible, which is why we provide a soothing environment for you to receive the pampering you deserve.

Take a breath. Take a day. Take a trip to Sun Spot and treat yo self to a little luxury.