Bronze Is The New White

If you’ve seen any Kiera Knightley movie, you know that she always plays the same character – a girl from a wealthy family in the 1700s with giant dresses and a hat for every occasion.

Have you ever noticed that the dresses back then were made to cover your arms, and at times even your neck? The hats they wore were not only an accessory but also served as protection from the sun.

We think she might look better with a little color. How about you?

We think she might look better with a little color. How about you?

In that time period, having pale skin was a sign of wealth. Bronzed skin indicated the lower class because they spent time working out in the sun.

In the last century, however, that view has changed significantly. Women work hard to achieve an all-over tan during the months of sunshine because bronze is the new white.

Gone are the days where women stayed shut up in the house in order to keep their skin milky white. The sun is meant to be enjoyed and our skin thanks us for it!

Even though the sunshine hours are dwindling, there are other ways to get your fix of Vitamin D and a healthy glow. At Sun Spot we have UV tanning and sunless spray tanning options that will help you attain the shade you’re looking for.

You will not leave Sun Spot looking like Snooki, so don’t worry. Orange is NOT the new white – bronze is the new white.

Stop by for some sunshine and a little bit of luxury for you and your skin!

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